Welcome to the British Association for Victorian Studies

Founded in 2000, The British Association for Victorian Studies (BAVS) is a multidisciplinary organisation dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge about the Victorian period. It has over 600 members based in the UK and beyond, and drawn both from the academic community and the general public. Our members have a wide range of interests in the nineteenth century, including art history, cultural studies, history, literary studies, performance studies and the history of science.

Our constitution is available here.

A New Year letter from the BAVS Secretary:

Dear Members,

Thanks to you, it has been another very successful year for BAVS. The BAVS2016 conference ‘Consuming the Victorians’ was a wonderful experience for all those who attended, jam-packed with excellent keynote lectures, exciting exhibitions, and rich and ground-breaking research papers. We are very grateful to the organisers and all national and international scholars for their participation, and we look forward to seeing as many of our members as possible at the BAVS2017 conference, ‘Victorians Unbound’:


As always, BAVS Executive Committee’s central concern has been to support postgraduates and early-career scholars whose research engages with the Victorians. We are particularly pleased to see that our membership now encompasses researchers from a variety of disciplines including literary studies (Victorian and neo-Victorian), history, and art history, and the distribution of our funding in 2016 reflects this. This year your membership fee has sponsored the following events: ‘Sargentology: New Perspectives on thernwork of John Singer Sargent’; ‘All Things Victorian: Exploring Materiality and the Material Object’; ‘After Dickens’; ‘Tea with the Sphinx: Ancient Egypt andrnthe Modern Imagination’; ‘Forgotten Geographies in the Fin de Siècle’;rn‘Architecture and Experience in the Nineteenth Century’; ‘Is She His Wife? Or Something Singular!’; and ‘Writing Lives Together’: http://bavs.ac.uk/events/.

In addition, it has enabled us to support three travel and accommodation bursaries to facilitate postgraduate archival researchrnand nine bursaries for postgraduates to attend the BAVS2016 conference and associated Professionalisation Workshop. Most recently, we have been able tornoffer eleven bursaries of £500 each to permit postgraduate and early-careerrnresearchers to participate in the NAVSA/AVSA Supernumerary Conference inrnFlorence in May 2017. All bursary award winners repay us by providing blogs andrnreports for the BAVS Newsletter, as well as tweets throughout the conferencesrnthey attend. Every year, BAVS also awards the Sally Ledger Memorial Travel Bursary to support postgraduate attendance at the annual NAVSA conference.

This year, BAVS, together with BARS, has institutedrn‘Nineteenth-Century Matters’, an ECR Visiting Fellowship scheme that providesrnthe successful applicant with affiliation to the host institution (this yearrnSouthampton University/Chawton House): http://www.chawtonhouse.org/?library_blog=new-nineteenth-century-matters-fellow-dr-catherine-han. Wernalso offer financial support for an event, and our 2016-17 Fellow, Dr CatherinernHan, has organised a Public Engagement Training Day for postgraduates andrnearly-career scholars that will take place at Chawton House Library on the 28rnJanuary 2017: http://www.chawtonhouse.org/?library_blog=nineteenth-century-matters-public-engagement-training-day.

Yourrnmembership fee also pays for initiatives such as the BAVS Talks Series heldrnthis year at the University of Sussex, and also supports ongoing regionalrnevents such as the Midlands Interdisciplinary Victorian Studies Seminar and thernNorth-West Nineteenth-Century Seminar series

Withrnyour help our aim this year to offer our members even greater support. To thatrnend, we will be raising our regular membership fee to £25.00 per annum. The newrnmembership year will run from January to December 2017. Our fee for studentsrnand unwaged members will remain £10.00 per annum.

Wernthank you all for your valuable contributions. We are proud to say that, with yourrnhelp, Victorian Studies is thriving and developing a whole new generation ofrnVictorianists.

All best wishes for the holiday season and a happy, productive and prosperous 2017.


BAVS Secretary