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Dr Madeline Boden
The University of York
Academic Status:
University/college academic
Main Discipline:
Art History
Additional Disciplines:
Cultural Studies
Other Scholarly Societies:
ASTENE (Association for the Study of Travellers to Egypt and the Near East)
Research Interests:
My thesis evaluates the Near Eastern travels of the Victorian artist and President of the Royal Academy, Frederic Leighton (1830-1896) and their subsequent influence on his work. The project explores the trips Leighton made throughout his career across the Islamic world including the Ottoman Empire and North Africa. I demonstrate that the scope of Leighton’s cosmpolitanism extends beyond European centres of
artistic production and reveal his influential Orientalist networks. I explore Leighton’s Orientalism through the lens of global Victorian studies and explore how it interrelates with his established interests in
Classicism, the Renaissance and modern art.

Following on from my PhD, I have developed research interests in the visual culture of travel and exchange, British cultural institution’s relationships with the Ottoman Empire, and more broadly, the art of
Islamic world with an emphasis on Turkey and Central Europe in the nineteenth century.