Nineteenth-Century Data Collective 

We’re pleased to announce the new Nineteenth-Century Data Collective (just launched in beta).

The Nineteenth-Century Data Collective offers a framework for peer-review of datasets related to nineteenth-century literature and cultures and, post-review, a place to share and reuse data. Our editorial board (listed below) spans nineteenth-century experts from the UK, US, and Australia.

The Nineteenth-Century Data Collective isn’t just a repository – it hopes to increase discoverability for nineteenth-century datasets, share teaching resources, and most importantly, take data creation seriously as an intellectual enterprise. We aim to shift the conversation toward data work as interpretive labor. Each dataset will be accompanied by a “data essay” and come with a DOI to mark it as a peer-reviewed publication. We particularly encourage inquiries and submissions from early career researchers and graduate students. Each accepted submission will receive a DOI to mark it as a peer-reviewed publication. We’re actively seeking submissions, as well as peer reviewers; you can find more details about the submission process here.

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