Open-Assembly Teaching, Making, & Publishing: COVE Editions & Studio Course (3-7 June, 2024, in Victoria, British Columbia)

Is there a c19 text that you would teach if only there were a good OER edition? Do you want or need to publish a critical edition of an overlooked text in your field?

You can achieve those aims at the Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI), at the beautiful campus of the University of Victoria, British Columbia, in June 2024, specifically this course: 

#12 Open-Assembly Teaching, Making, & Publishing: COVE Editions & Studio. 3-7 June, 2024 in Victoria, B.C. (see a description of this course below)

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COVE is a scholar-driven, open-access platform that publishes both peer-reviewed material and active-learning or “flipped classroom” student projects built with our web-based online tools. COVE operates as a two-fold platform: Studio, where instructors can create anthologies of primary works that can then be made available for student multimedia annotation, and Editions, which hosts published and private editions, galleries, maps, and timelines, and facilitates peer review. No coding knowledge is necessary for either. 

In this course, you will learn the COVE toolset and principle of “open assembly,” or free, transformative remixing of texts, items, and archives. You will build a rudimentary anthology and begin an Edition, Map, Gallery, or Timeline that you can easily complete at home. You will share these works-in-progress with the DHSI community. Moreover, once you know how to use COVE’s tools, you can assign your students to build editions, galleries, maps, and archives, too. 

This is a great course for graduate students and early career scholars who want to have an impact on the scholarly landscape, critical editors who want to learn how to produce peer-reviewed, open-access editions, instructors of any level who want to engage with an online tool that can lead to true classroom innovations, and other public humanists.

Below please find information about DHSI course registration, scholarships and bursariesethics and inclusion ethos, and Frequently Asked Questions.

Your instructors will be COVE Technical Director Rebecca Nesvet and COVE Pedagogy Consultant Laura Rotunno. We welcome any questions and hope to see many of you this summer in Victoria.


Thanks to the exceptional generosity of our sponsors and partners, we are able to offer a number of scholarships for the Digital Humanities Summer Institute. These scholarships are open to all and cover all course registration costs with the exception of a non-refundable administration fee (students $150, non-students $300).

Applications are considered on a rolling basis and are evaluated with attention to need, merit, and course availability at the time of evaluation. More info:
DHSI Statement of Ethics and Inclusion:




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