BAVS Executive Committee Roles

The BAVS Executive Committee currently has a number of positions open. If you would like to be considered for one of the roles below, please send the Secretary, Alice Crossley, an email with a Statement of Interest (indicating your suitability for and interest in the position and how you propose to contribute) of 300 words maximum by 31st September [to]. Members will be able to vote (online) after the deadline of 31st (details about voting will be circulated to members). It is anticipated that those in new roles will be appointed in time for the November (Autumn/Winter) Committee Meeting. 

Information for applicants: 

BAVS Executive positions are usually held for a 3-year term (except the PG Rep roles which are both for a 2-year term). 

The BAVS Executive Committee usually meets for c. 3 hours, 3-4 times per year (one meeting usually takes place in conjunction with the annual Conference), and an AGM (also usually in conjunction with the Conference). When Committee meetings take place (often but not exclusively in London), all members of the Executive are eligible to claim reimbursement for standard (economy) travel (e.g. train or coach). It is likely that one meeting will be held online each year.  


All members of the BAVS Executive Committee (with the exception of the President, Treasurer and Secretary) will review funding applications (usually 1 x round per year) as part of their responsibilities, and will participate in other ways in the standard business of the organization. These might include the review of applications beyond the typical Funding streams, participation in mentoring events/ the Buddy Scheme, involvement in the annual Conference organisation, participation in a sub-committee eg. the Rosemary Mitchell BAVS Book Prize panel, and other types of support. All named officers should submit a report to the Secretary at least one week before each Executive Committee meeting for pre-circulation (reports can be shared when there is more than one person active in a role, eg. PG Reps submit a single report, as do Postdoc reps), and reports will also be due for circulation to members prior to the AGM. BAVS is committed to the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion. All members of the Executive Committee must be members of BAVS.  

Specific Responsibilities by role (and number of roles available): 

1 x BAVS Digital & Social Media Officer 

Ensure the regular maintenance and accuracy of the BAVS website, circulation of information to members, co-ordination of online materials (such as the videos of live/recorded BAVS events, i.e. Conference Keynotes or the BAVS Talks). Co-ordinate the BAVS Twitter account (with ECR Reps). Ensure BAVS remains up to date in its use of technologies and its digital/virtual initiatives. Develop BAVS’ capacity in these areas. Potentially develop an online BAVS archive capacity (with previous newsletters, committee members etc). Oversight of Zoom and other technologies and virtual systems to promote networking and research in a digital age.  

2 x Postgraduate Reps [2-year terms]  

The BAVS Postgraduate Reps are responsible for: running The Victorianist WordPress site, which includes promoting and editing posts for the PGR blog and posting CFPs and other notices; running the @BAVS_PGs Twitter and @bavictorianstudies Instagram account; organising annual BAVS conference workshops aimed at postgraduates and/or early career researchers (usually 2-3 workshops); and attending and contributing to committee meetings. The PG reps may share some of these duties with the Postdoc reps (e.g. the PG/ECR workshops). Those standing as PG Reps are encouraged to discuss the demands of the role with their supervisor before applying. 

2 x ECR Reps 

Develop ECR initiatives and find ways to provide support for the ECR community with both an academic and alt-ac focus, work with the PGR Reps, Careers Officer and Digital/Social Media Officer on BAVS social media presence and various initiatives relevant to ECR Members. 

1 x COVE Liaison

liaise with Dino Felluga regarding COVE and BAVS involvement/access; represent BAVS’s interests in COVE developments; inform the membership about COVE updates and initiatives. 

Schools & Education Liaison 

To promote greater engagement in Humanities subjects at School level. This post is especially suitable for School teachers with knowledge of secondary Humanities provision in the UK, who is interested in developing links between BAVS and the study of our disciplines at school level

Curator & Archives Representative

To represent BAVS/ interests in the wider community of those working specifically in archives, museums and galleries – and vice versa. To promote work and research in these areas, facilitate engagement with these resources, or develop strategies for support in these areas. To promote BAVS engagement in discussions about/within the humanities in public cultural institutions. 

3 x Committee Members

Committee members are drawn from across disciplinary backgrounds, career types (from within academia and beyond), and career stages, to represent BAVS’ members interests more widely. The standard term is for 3 years. 

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