Call for bloggers

Are you interested in expanding your CV, gaining exposure for your research, and creating a professional online presence? Come and blog for BAVS!

Our two blogging platforms are aimed at bringing together BAVS postgraduates and ECRs from across the humanities focusing on the Victorian period.

Researcher Blog: We want to celebrate the diverse and groundbreaking research undertaken by our postgraduate and ECR members, introducing wider audiences to a new generation of writers and scholars. We invite academic, research-informed blog posts, with the aim of promoting communication and community within the BAVS network. We also welcome group posts, which will not only encourage collaborations between small communities of like-minded researchers, but will also promote interdisciplinary and cross-century projects.

Please send a brief outline of your research topic to the BAVS PGR Reps (contact info on the ‘about’ page). Researcher posts are approximately 800-1,500 words in length, and should include properly cited references and images (if applicable).

Neo-Victorian Reviews: Given the recent saturation of Neo-Victorianism in popular culture, we are opening up a space for bloggers to create nuanced, critical reviews of Neo-Victorian television shows, films, plays, books, video games, and experiences (festivals, interactive museums, etc). These reviews will not only create dialogues between Victorian scholars about their mutual recreational interests, but will also help to link popular culture with the academic sphere.

If you are interested in writing a review of up to 2,000 words (and preferably with properly cited stills, photographs, or videos) about any media that may be defined as ‘Neo-Victorian’, please send a brief proposal to the BAVS PGR Reps (contact info on the ‘about’ page) outlining your subject and general argument or analysis.

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