Introducing ‘One More Voice’

One More Voice (, a new digital humanities project, focuses on recovering non-European contributions from nineteenth-century British imperial and colonial archives. The name reflects the fact that there is always one more voice to recover from the archives. The non-European contributions take multiple forms and appear in multiple genres, including travel narratives, autobiographies, letters, diaries, testimonies, interviews, treaties, maps, oral histories, genealogies, and vocabularies. One More Voice attempts to offer a critical and systematic evaluation of these rich and diverse materials ( by using interpretive approaches and digital preservation techniques that extend existing scholarship on the topic.

One More Voice includes a number of newly published, Victorian-era, open-access primary materials ( by African and Arab authors that instructors may find useful for their fall courses. The site is fully mobile responsive and accessible from any device; its minimal computing project design ( opens the project to a wide variety of audiences, including those with limited bandwidth. Additionally, the project is actively seeking new contributors and relies on an “agile publication strategy” to encourage such participation (

To learn more about the project, please visit the website ( or contact lead developer Adrian S. Wisnicki (University of Nebraska-Lincoln): 


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