Introduction to COVE Workshop

Monday 14 December, 4pm BST

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All BAVS members now have access to COVE, The Central Online Victorian Educator. COVE is a scholar-driven open-access platform that publishes peer-reviewed Victorian material and supports students with a number of online tools.

This workshop on COVE tools will walk participants through the use of:

1) COVE content (including over 3 million words of primary texts ready for course anthologies); and

2) COVE tools (including an anthology builder, a classroom space, a map-builder, a timeline-builder and a gallery-builder).

Mechanisms in place for signing up your classes will be explained.

You can also let us know about your COVE requirements by filling in this form (but it is not necessary to do this in order to attend the workshop).

Please get in touch with Jo Taylor (BAVS COVE Representative: or Dino Felluga (COVE General Editor: if you have any queries.

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