London Nineteenth-Century Studies Seminar – Autumn 2020

Thursday 1 October 2020 (18.00–20.00)

Aubrey Beardsley and His Legacies

Dr. Sasha Dovzhyk (Birkbeck), From Art Nouveau to Avant-Garde: Beardsley’s Legacies in Eastern Europe’.
Prof. Emma Sutton (St. Andrew’s) ‘Beardsley and Music, Then and Now’

Thursday 12 November 2020 (18.00–20.00)

Self, nation and colony
Dr Fariha Shaikh (University of Birmingham): ‘‘Catherine Helen Spence’s Autobiography: Literary Culture

and Associational Life in Nineteenth-Century South Australia’.

Dr Sarah Sharp (University of Aberdeen): ‘Imagining a National Epidemic: Contagion, Cohesion and the 1832 Cholera Outbreak in the British Periodical Press’ 121346138567

Thursday 3 December 2020 (18.00–20.00)

Literature and Infrastructure

Dr. Abbie Garrington (Durham): ‘Hardy’s Hedges
Dr Karin Koehler (Bangor): ‘“‘I was not know for sure what be the Queen, Evan; was you?’: Infrastructure and the Fiction of Development in Amy Dillwyn’s The Rebecca Rioter (1880)”

All seminars will be held online via Zoom. Please register via Eventbrite where you will find the Zoom link.Convenors: Dr Lara Atkin ( and Dr Nicola Kirkby (

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