Nineteenth Century Summer School

7 – 11 June 2021

Senate House, University of London

This year the IES 5-day Nineteenth-Century Summer School runs from June-7-11, 2021. The chosen author is Charles Dickens, focusing on in-depth study of two of the later novels, Bleak House (1852) and Great Expectations (1861).

The school is open to anyone with an advanced interest in and curiosity about the nineteenth century, from MA and PhD students to independent scholars. This year the course is to be held in person in our belief that an interactive environment of discussion and debate between students and staff is particularly important at the present time. Every precaution will be taken to make the surroundings safe (please see below for more information).

The core teaching is by lecture and seminar on the two novels. Additionally there will be Student Forums for further discussion. ‘Researching Dickens’, ‘Dickens through his Journalism’, and a Round Table on ‘Decolonising Dickens’ are programmed. Also planned are A Tour of Dickens’s London, and a reading from the novels. You will have full membership of the University of London Senate House Library and a Library Tour is organised at the beginning of the course. Internationally distinguished scholars lecturing on the course include Daniel Tyler (Cambridge), Catherine Waters (Kent), Juliet John (City), Ushashi Dasgupta (Oxford), John Bowen (York), Josephine McDonagh (Chicago), Mark Turner (King’s London), Matthew Beaumont (UCL). Celebrated critic Steven Connor (Cambridge) will deliver the Hilda Hulme Lecture. 

The Director of the School is the internationally known Victorianist, Isobel Armstrong. Professor Armstrong is author of Victorian Glassworlds. Glass Culture and the Imagination (2008),Victorian Poetry: Poetry, Poetics and Politics (Second Edition, 2019) and The Radical Aesthetic (2000). Her most recent publication is Novel Politics. Democratic Imaginations in Nineteenth-Century Fiction (2016).

Above all we welcome the opportunity for students and staff to work closely together – it’s a week-long conversation.

Course fees are £220. Please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions we cannot provide food or refreshments on site. Students are encouraged to bring their own food, and there are also a large number and variety of nearby cafes. 

Please see the website for the full programme and more information:

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