Registration Open for COVE Workshop on 7/25

NAVSA will be running a free Zoom workshop on using COVE for teaching, from 1–3pm Eastern Time (6-8pm BST) on Saturday, July 25. Note that all BAVS members will have access to the COVE toolset using your BAVS login credentials by that date, ready for this next challenging chapter in our online teaching journeys.  Although COVE is the Central Online Victorian Educator, you can use COVE tools for the teaching of any period (as evidenced, for example, by this spring course on Leonardo da Vinci). Here is more info about the workshop:

 Making use of COVE & BRANCH for Teaching and Research” will showcase the use of COVE tools for publication and teaching. Organizers Kenneth Crowell (Auburn), Laura Eidam (Rare Book School), Amy Elliot (U Tampa), and I will show attendees how to make use of COVE’s tools, and we will also have a few early adopters discuss their experience using COVE. This workshop will be the first in a series of events NAVSA is offering this year in lieu of our previously scheduled meeting in Vancouver (now postponed to 2021 because of the coronavirus). 

 Everyone is welcome to register for this workshop; we can accommodate up to 300 participants. To register, click here by 5 p.m. ET on Thursday, July 23. Registrants should look out for an email reminder the day before the event and Zoom log-in details the day of the event from Please send any questions to me or this email address. 

 Some of the questions we will address in the workshop include:


  • How can I teach asynchronously? 
  • How can I help students read better?
  • How can I get all my course texts for $10?
  • How can I build annotated timelines and maps?
  • How can I facilitate student research? 
  • How can I build exhibits with students?
  • How can I keep track of student activity?
  • How can I link up courses across the world?
  • How can I upload my own course texts?
  • How can I support open-access scholarship?


Tentative Workshop Schedule: 


1pm ET—General introduction to COVE with Dino Felluga

1:10pm—Overview of COVE tools with Dino Felluga, Amy Elliot, and Ken Crowell

1:30pm––Networking breakout session

1:35pm—Testimonies from early adopters

·       Joshua King, Baylor U, on  building an exhibition

·       Rebecca Nesvet, U of Wisconsin, Green Bay, on teaching race and disease

·       Laura Rotunno, Penn State U,  on using COVE for all teaching materials

·       Kate Oestreich, Coastal Carolina U,  on teaching a course on neo-Victorianism

·       Mary Grant, Ryerson U, on using the map-builder

·        Catherine Golden, Skidmore, on using the gallery-builder

·       Anne Nagel, U Nebraska, Lincoln, on the gallery- and edition-builder


2:10pm––Networking breakout session

2:15pm—short break

2:20—Q&A with presenters


If you have any queries, please contact the main organizer,  Dino Franco Felluga:

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